Rectal Bleeding

Minor Rectal Bleeding: Is this a Legitimate Concern?
Rectal Bleeding

Is rectal bleeding currently affecting you? This condition may indicate potential cancer, but it can also stem from less serious anomalies. Los Angeles and Beverly Hills
gastroenterologist, Dr. Mark Davidson, can help provide information about rectal bleeding and what actions to take once they occur.

What are they caused by?

The following conditions are known to be associated with minor rectal bleeding:

  • Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids can develop both on the interior or the exterior of your anus as a result of swelling blood vessels. If this condition is affecting you, you may observe blood after instances of bowel movement. Additional symptoms of hemorrhoids may include itching, swelling, and the observance of bumpy irritations around the anus. You use warm water or hemorrhoid cream to treat pain and reduce irritation. In addition, band ligation is available to help prevent blood supply from reaching the hemorrhoid.
  • Proctitis – Proctitis can lead to bleeding when the rectum experiences inflammation. The bleeding is also accompanied by incomplete bowel movements. Common treatment solutions include warm water baths and pain relievers for treating any irritation or discomfort. Patients can also prescribe antibiotics or anti-viral medication to help reduce the irritation associated with this condition.
  • Anal Fissures – When the lining along the anus experiences tears, a likely consequence is anal fissures. These can accompany other symptoms such as chronic diarrhea or constipation. Most cases heal on their own, but patients can manage the condition by rinsing in warm water and using stool softeners to improve bowel movements.

It can be difficult to determine whether rectal bleeding is a result of a minor problem or possible byproduct of cancer. If you are affected by rectal bleeding, you can obtain more precise information from Dr. Davidson of Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health. Call today and schedule an appointment.

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