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3 Surprising Facts About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids probably aren’t a topic you discuss very often, so you may only know the basics: it’s a painful condition affecting the rear end and that can make visiting the bathroom agony. 

However, it’s important to shed light on this common condition. Here are three surprising facts you may not know about hemorrhoids. 

1. Hemorrhoids happen to almost everyone at some point.

Hemorrhoids are a fact of life that most people will grapple with at some time or other. Half of the population will have experienced them by the time they turn 50, and up to three-quarters will have them sometime in their life. 

2. Hemorrhoids often develop as the result of too much sitting down.

This happens because sitting down puts pressure on the veins in your bottom, causing them to bulge or become swollen. For the same reason, constipation, pregnancy, and childbirth are also common causes of hemorrhoids. 

3. Hemorrhoids come in two types: internal and external. 

Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum, where you can’t see them, but their presence may be indicated by bleeding. External hemorrhoids are visible and are well-known for causing itching and burning. 

How to avoid getting hemorrhoids

Even though hemorrhoids are extremely common, you don’t have to resign yourself to suffering from them, either now or in the future. There are several easy and natural methods that you can use to treat and prevent hemorrhoids. 

  • Eat a fiber-rich diet that includes beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and oats. 
  • Respond swiftly when nature calls, as delaying bowel movements can aggravate hemorrhoids. 
  • Use over-the-counter treatments, such as Preparation H, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. 
  • Put a step stool in the bathroom, and use it to elevate your feet when you sit on the toilet. This positions your body in a better angle to pass bowel movements more easily. 
  • Soak in warm water several times a day. A sitz bath is a good option for this and it fits easily on a toilet seat. 

Get help treating your hemorrhoids

If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, help is available. For more information, contact your Beverly Hills and Los Angeles gastroenterologist Dr. Davidson today to schedule a consultation.

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