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Richard Hall

Doctor Davidson saved me from a colostomy. Yes, he also saved my life, for which I am most grateful, but that’s an ordinary part of his job.
By all rights I should be wearing a colostomy bag right now. Doctor Davidson found a clever work-around to save me from that annoyance and get me on the road to recovery much quicker that would otherwise have been the case. He also managed my care in the hospital, finding me a surgeon and an oncologist, both amazingly good at what they do.
If you are so fortunate as to have Mark Davidson for your GI, give thanks; if not, consider switching.

Lance V. McCollough, President & CEO, Prosites, Inc.

We at Prosites sincerely appreciate the opportunity to design and host your new website. Your dedication to educating and serving your patients is evident by the excellent information and background your website provides to visitors. We salute your efforts in providing that extra level of communication and service that is so important to patients.

Matt S.

Here is proof that going to the doctor doesn’t have to be a bad experience. You can tell he genuinely cares for his patients. From personal experience I can say he not only takes the time to thoroughly help his patients with their issues but also to get to know them as people. His staff is also very pleasant and consistent.


My illness came suddenly, and I was scared and confused when I arrived at the emergency room. Dr. Davidson was on call and recognized me when he walked by–as luck would have it, I had met him a few months beforehand for an unrelated pre-op evaluation. It was a relief to find a friendly face in the tumult of the ER. Thanks to him, I was quickly admitted to the hospital, where he treated me for the next 3 weeks. In addition to being a terrific doctor, he is kind and professional–I recommend Dr. Davidson without reservation.

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