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Bravo™ Reflux Testing System


Testing and Diagnosing Reflux

Reflux symptoms can be associated with a variety of conditions, and the Bravo™ reflux capsule testing system is innovative in helping patients diagnose and understand the root cause of it.

Bravo™ Reflux Testing System

With the Bravo™ reflux testing system, your gastroenterologist can work with you to evaluate the frequency and duration of acid reflux, which allows for a better diagnosis of the symptoms. The system has a 96-hour monitoring period, which helps patients improve their chances of detecting reflux events and have more prompt diagnoses of the associated symptoms.

Bravo™ Reflux Capsule

The Bravo™ reflux capsule is connected with the esophageal tissue to assess pH levels and relays the data to the recorder.


  • Extended 96-hour monitoring and recording period
  • Up to four times of data compared to 24-hour catheter-based tests
  • Helps evaluation of patients off PPI therapy
  • Catheter-free design
  • Improved evaluation of the relationship between symptoms and acid refluxed events.

The Next Innovative Solution

Dr. Davidson and his team now offer the Bravo™ reflux capsule testing system at Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health. If you are experiencing any symptoms that may indicate problems with acid reflux, then schedule a consultation at our practice today.


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