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Fecal Incontinence


Fecal incontinence is described as a loss of voluntary control of bowel movements or fecal matter. This condition can be minor or major. Patients may lose control of gas or have complete loss of bowel movements. It is also referred to as ‘bowel incontinence’.

Bowel incontinence affects more than 2% of the U.S. population, affecting both men and women. This is more common with women due to injury to the anal muscles or nerves following childbirth. There are several risks to consider as well, including old age, poor overall health, physical limitations, diabetes, urinary incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome, and prior bowel surgery.


The causes of bowel incontinence are a combination of factors, including the amount and consistency of stool, functioning of the colon, rectum, muscles surrounding the anus, and nervous system. There are additional causes of bowel incontinence, including damage or injury to the anal sphincter muscles, anal surgery for hemorrhoids, certain medications with antibiotics, improper diet, conditions associated with diarrhea, systemic diseases, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, stroke, and more.

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If you have or believe you are experiencing bowel incontinence, it is recommended that you see your doctor for an evaluation. Tests are available to determine the causes and determine the correct approach to treatment. Regardless of the severity level of the condition, Dr. Davidson holds years of experience treating fecal incontinence in Los Angeles. Very few problems are untreatable, and there are numerous solutions that can be recommended.

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