Finding a Gastroenterologist to Treat Fecal Incontinence

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Fecal incontinence is a result of the inability of the stomach to manage the passage of liquid or solid stools. This condition affects more than 6 million individuals in the United States. Many patients are conscious about sharing their experience with fecal incontinence, which is also known as accidental bowel leakage. However, many are proud to discuss successful treatments that have helped their case. By finding an experienced professional gastroenterologist in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, patients can find the necessary treatment option to address fecal incontinence.

Individuals who experience incontinence cite the following causes: trauma, injury, chronic constipation, pelvic floor conditions, neurological disease, aging, and more. Other causes include damage to anal sphincter muscles, previous surgery for hemorrhoids, and medications associated with antibiotics. Women are at a higher risk following childbirth. Other risks to consider include old age and poor health practices.

Dr. Davidson is a specialist who can treat fecal incontinence and utilize the proper methods to diagnose it. If you believe this condition is affecting you, then it is important to consider treatment. You can schedule an appointment for an evaluation by contacting the team at Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health.

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