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Dubai • Qatar • Kuwait • Saudi Arabia

Arrive at your appointment in luxury with our concierge services, offered exclusively for Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health patients. Our friendly, courteous, and discreet medical concierges provide transportation to and from your hotel, airport, appointment, and anywhere else you wish to go in the Los Angeles area. We prioritize the health and comfort of our international patients, and hope you enjoy your stay in Los Angeles.

Travel in Style and Comfort

Whether you’re arriving from Dubai, the Middle East, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, our concierges will be here to meet you. We have extensive experience taking care of patients from the Middle East. Our discreet concierges are aware of cultural differences between the Middle East and America in terms of clothing, customs, and language. Traveling always involves adjusting to the local culture, and we will make this adjustment period as smooth as possible. We are happy to connect you with travel services that suggest the best entertainment and leisure destinations in LA. Enjoy the brightest spots of LA tourism while you’re here for your appointment.

We accept patients traveling from:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Call for more info…

Prompt, Courteous Treatment

We appreciate how far you’ve traveled to access our care, so we offer VIP access and priority appointments to ensure that you receive prompt treatment. The treatment experience doesn’t stop when you leave the office. In your hotel suite, we provide full post-operative care. Follow up your appointment via IM and video conferencing. We can stay in touch with you anywhere in the world.

Every aspect of our concierge service is designed to make your stay in LA as comfortable as possible. Travel in luxury with the best medical care available. Our services are available to patients in and out of state, as well as international arrivals. Call today and schedule your consultation with Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health.

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