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Hemorrhoids Treatment


What is Infrared Coagulation?

Infrared coagulation (IRC) what introduced 20 years ago and has become the leading office treatment for hemorrhoids.  This is a non-surgical treatment option that works fast, is well tolerated, and has no history of complications.

Types of Hemorrhoids

A small probe is used, which is placed above the hemorrhoid and applies small bursts of infrared light.  The infrared light quickly causes the vessels to coagulate.  This causes the hemorrhoids to shrink and recede.  Complete shrinkage of the hemorrhoid tissues may take a few weeks.

Generally, there are no post-treatment effects.  Most patients can resume their regular lifestyle on the same day of treatment. There may be slight bleeding around the area after a few days.  Patients should avoid extreme physical activity such as heavy lifting.  Aspirin should not be taken for a few days.

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Only your doctor can determine how many visits are required. The number of required treatments depend on the severity of symptoms, location of hemorrhoids, and patient response to the procedure.

Hemorrhoids treated with IRC do not reoccur.  Patients can maintain the result by practicing a healthy diet, perform moderate exercise, and sustaining proper bowel habits.

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