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Certain Foods Can Upset Your Digestive System

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Did you know that eating certain foods in excess can really upset your digestive system? At the Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health, we’re all about keeping your tummy happy and healthy. Eating a healthy diet every day is the best way to avoid GI problems later on.
Certain Foods Can Upset Your Digestive System
Certain Foods Can Upset Your Digestive System

Here’s a list of foods to watch out for:

  • Spicy Foods: These can include curries, peppers, or even putting too much hot sauce on your steak. For many people, spicy foods are fine, but for some, they can trigger heartburn and indigestion, especially if you’re already prone to acid reflux.
  • Dairy Products: Including milk, cheese, and yogurt. For those who are lactose intolerant, these can cause bloating and discomfort.
  • Processed Foods: Unfortunately, much of the food you see in grocery stores is classified as processed. But particularly watch out for fatty and sugary snacks that don’t exist in nature, like cookies, chips, cupcakes, Twinkies, etc. The fats and sugars contained in these foods can slow down digestion.
  • Caffeine: Need your morning coffee to function? It might be time to start weaning yourself off the good stuff. Too much caffeine can lead to acid reflux and stomach irritation.

Looking for more health and diet tips or need help with digestion issues? Visit our Beverly Hills office and learn what you need to keep your digestive health on track!

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