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Getting to That Colonoscopy…


The dreaded word “colonoscopy” will chime the ears of every man who has the good fortune of advancing in age and engaging in the process of growing older. But it doesn’t need to be a dreadful event. No, even men in their middle age should be considering monitoring the colon, a site where cancer can often be found.

Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health is here to walk you through the prep process, to make sure that come colonoscopy time, you’ll be ready and get through it in the least uncomfortable way possible.

First, it’s important that you schedule your colonoscopy at Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health well in advance. Not only for your own convenience, but also because of the fact that you’ll need to take two days off from work, one day for the preparation, and one day for the actual test. On your prep day, you’ll need to be close to a bathroom.

Pro Tip: Schedule your colonoscopy appointment at Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health on a Monday (that is, if you keep the nine to five M-F grind). That way you only have to miss one day of work, since you can prep on Sunday.

Now, down to the actual prepping. Having a clean colon makes it easier to detect any abnormalities. Polyps (small growths, typically benign and having a stalk which protrudes from your colon or any other mucus membrane) can be found much easier and removed. Of course, different practitioners have different protocols, so it’s very important that you follow the doc’s orders to the “T”.

You can get a leg up by eating white foods for several days prior to your test. Stay on a clear liquid diet as well in order to help facilitate the process. Stock up on items like white rice, pastas, breads, potatoes (mashed without the skins), canned fruits (white and stone fruits) as well as veggies, clear fruit juices (go with apple, if you have no preference or prejudice). You can actually drink coffee and tea, but just make sure that you do them sans creamer.

Your doctor may prescribe a liquid laxative. You can keep it cold, drink through a straw or use lemon to mute the taste (consider it a particularly nasty shot that your drunk uncle makes you take every time there’s a wedding — if you can find an agreeable chaser that fits into the “white food and drink” category, then you’re in business). You’ll be using the bathroom a lot during your prep day. One thing we recommend is using moist wipes in order to make the process a heck of a lot more comfortable.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink your favorite flavored beverage while you take this liquid laxative. It is likely that you will then associate your favorite drink with the flavor of the laxative.

Just relax. No matter what, on test day, it’s important that you just stay relaxed. Bring your partner, or a family member, a relative or friend who can keep you comfortable, drive you to your test and back home afterwards.
At Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health we will treat you with compassion and respect. We’re happy that you’ve decided to make a proactive decision about your health. Schedule your today and we’ll start the preparation immediately.

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