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GI-Friendly March Madness / Final Four Snacks

If you take your spread seriously when it comes to big time athletic events like March Madness (or the resulting Final Four and NCAA Championship Game for that matter) then it’s a good idea to include some gut-friendly snacks that won’t have you in discomfort or running to the restroom every timeout.

Below are a few healthy snacks that will also help you take care of your gastrointestinal tract, which can really run amok whenever your diet gets out of control. We’re all guilty of a little reckless eating/drinking during sporting events, after all.


Kimchi is a popular appetizer in Korea and is served with just about every meal in many households. You can diversify your offering this March Madness by including this healthy snack, which has loads of probiotics (healthy bacteria) that will help keep your GI system balanced.

Pickled Vegetables

Pickles are high in antioxidants and probiotics and can be made from cucumbers or other vegetables you have on hand. It’s also a fun hobby that you can tell all your friends about — you’ll really stand out from all the crocheters!

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers can now rejoice, although this does come with the “dark chocolate” caveat, which may upset some milk chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate is not only a delicious treat, but studies have also shown significant evidence that dark chocolate also promotes friendly bacteria in the gut as well as help reduce inflammation in the region.

If you add a few gut-friendly options when it comes to your snacks for March Madness, you’ll have a houseful of happy campers, whether they’re aware they’re eating healthy or not.

If you’d like any additional suggestions about how to support your gut and your gastrointestinal tract, please contact Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health today to schedule your consultation.

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