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How to Prevent Constipation from Slowing You Down

You’ve experienced constipation, and it’s slowed you down. For some it’s a sporadic, if inconvenient, symptom of poor diet and stress. For others among us, it’s a chronic condition that affects every aspect of our lives. Bloating, gas, pain, nausea and even bleeding can occur from constipation.

Whether it happens once a year or multiple times a week, constipation is a serious issue that can be addressed with the right lifestyle choices.

Here are four ways to stop constipation from slowing you down:

Drink Water

Hydration is one of the most important factors for constipation. Our large intestines reabsorb water from fecal matter. The longer feces stays in the digestive system the dryer the stool becomes. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily will improve gut flow.

If you drink caffeine, alcohol, or salty foods, try to consume more water to compensate for their dehydrative effects.

Consume More Fiber

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are all rich in fiber. Fiber helps improve gut function through its inability to break down. It provides bulk and softens the stool while in transit through the digestive tract. Women should aim to get 25g of fiber a day, and men 38g.


Regular exercise helps massage and stretch the inner organs of the digestive tract. This helps constipation in two ways. First, the mechanical rhythm of exercise assists in gut transit. Further, exercise increases blood flow to the abdomen, helping the gut work more efficiently.

Keep Calm

Stress can cause constipation. When we are relaxed and calm, blood is diverted to digestive and restorative systems. Conversely, stress diverts blood and energy to the fight-or-flight systems. If you’re constipated, find ways to relax and destress.

Gastroenterology in Los Angeles, CA

In more serious cases, chronic or severe constipation can be the symptom of a more threatening issue. If you are experiencing chronic symptoms of constipation, even with the above tips, consider seeing a professional gastroenterologist.

For residents in LA with constipation concerns, schedule an appointment with Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health today.

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