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Telemedicine Consultations Available

Dear Patients,

I’m sure many of you are wondering how to keep up with your regular doctor visits while still maintaining social distancing. To help slow the spread of COVID-19, I am proud to announce that we are offering telemedicine consults using audio/video conferencing software. I am here to address your GI needs remotely, and if your symptoms warrant an office visit and exam, we are also available for in-office examination and treatments.

Here are some of the new services we are offering in response to COVID-19:

  • Telemedicine consults
  • Electronic prescriptions to pharmacies that deliver to you
  • E-messaging via our patient portal

The CDC and local health authorities have mandated that all elective surgeries be postponed until further notice. This includes endoscopy procedures such as upper endoscopies and colonoscopies. While this may cause hardship and inconvenience, it is vital to free up as many hospital beds as possible. If you experience an emergency and the need for your procedures becomes urgent, please contact me as soon as possible as we are still able to perform procedures on certain patients.

In the meantime, please continue to practice sound public health measures:

  • Social distancing
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Maintain proper nutrition and physical activity if possible
  • Reaching out to others via phone, text, or video calls to alleviate isolation and loneliness

Though this is a time of anxiety and stress, know that we’re all in this together. Those of us in the medical profession have trained for emergency circumstances such as these for our entire lives, and we will continue to assist patients to the best of our ability. Please reach out with any concerns. We are available by phone or through the contact form on our website.

With gratitude,

Mark M. Davidson, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

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