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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are an incredibly important procedure that can help you spot and prevent colon cancer, an incredibly dangerous form of cancer. However, many people who should get regular colonoscopies don’t, in part because they can be daunting and even scary. At Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health we know how important colonoscopies are to your overall wellness, so we want you to know exactly what you can expect from your first colonoscopy.

What Is A Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure in which a doctor examines your colon with a camera. After a quick injection of anesthetic, the camera is inserted through the rectum and advanced through the entire colon, and if any abnormal tissues are discovered they can be identified and removed before they cause any serious health problems. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes, and, once it’s over, a patient recovers for 30 minutes before returning to their normal day.

Why Should I Get A Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy procedures are by far the most effective and easiest way to predict colon cancer, which is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, killing almost half of all infected with it. Because of this, regular colonoscopies are definitely recommended every five or ten years for anyone above the age of fifty. They also can catch other problems with colon health, making them even more important to perform.

How Should I Prepare?

An important thing to do as you get ready for your colonoscopy is consult with your doctor to make sure you’re doing so properly. When preparing, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your colon as clean as possible. A few days before your procedure it’s a good idea to tweak your diet, so that you’re consuming foods that are low in fiber and leave your system quickly, such as white bread, vegetables, pasta, rice, and lean meats. The day before your procedure you can’t eat any solid food, though you should stay hydrated. Finally, don’t eat or drink anything at all starting 2 hours before the procedure.

In short, colonoscopies are an incredibly important procedure that are quick, easy, and safe, and also help prevent serious health problems. Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health knows how important these can be to your overall wellness, which is why we’re proud to offer colonoscopies.

Just book your appointment with one of our dedicated professionals, and we’ll be able to help you navigate the process and make sure your colonoscopy goes as well as possible.

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