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Why It Is Important to Not Delay Care for Chronic Acid Reflux

There are many different people throughout the world who experience heartburn on a daily basis. Heartburn is a burning sensation that begins in the chest and then works its way up your throat. While many people deal with it with over-the-counter remedies, you should never ignore it long-term. 

It is very much normal for the stomach to produce acid that aids in digestion. However, if the esophageal sphincter or valve that is designed to prevent acid splashing up is too relaxed or weakened, it will cause acid reflux. However, if ignored, it could lead to many serious problems such as cancer of the esophagus.

That is why you need to alert your care provider if you are dealing with frequent heartburn.

Not Everyone Who Has GERD Has Symptoms

Did you know that almost half of all patients dealing with GERD don’t have any symptoms at all? This means that it is very much possible to have reflux that is abnormal without even knowing it. Those who do have it often report a bitter taste in their mouth and heartburn. 

These signs can worsen when you’ve eaten certain foods, or you are laying down. Some other, less common symptoms include:

  • Chest pain
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Phlegm in the throat
  • Cough

Many people don’t even think to mention their heartburn to their doctor.

Is Surgery an Option?

For chronic acid reflux, you may want to consider surgery as an option if: 

  • Your reflux is causing other health complications
  • You don’t want to constantly be on antacid medications
  • Your symptoms are not responding to antacid medications
  • You are allergic to all of the antacid medications

As said above, the esophageal sphincter is supposed to prevent any acid from washing up the esophagus. If you are currently dealing with GERD and need more recommendations before considering surgery, then discuss your options with your gastroenterologist. S

Here at the Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health, we can help you out with all of your chronic acid reflux issues. Get in touch with us today to see how our team can help you. 


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