Why You Should Not Wait to Get a Colonoscopy

Why You Should Not Wait to Get a Colonoscopy


You probably think a Colonoscopy is something older people do. Can’t blame you.

Those TV commercials advertising take-home colonoscopy test kits show nothing but grey hair.

But here’s the thing… Waiting until you’re old or a medical emergency happens to get a Colonoscopy is a dangerous business. Yes, those above the age of 50 are more prone to ailments such as Colon cancer, but it can happen to anyone of any age. 

Something like Colon cancer is very common, and if caught early, then the five-year survival rate for such a condition is over 90 percent!

Though we advocate for a Colonoscopy earlier rather than later based on how common it can be, here are some reasons why you should not wait to get one.

It can run in the family

If anyone in your family has a history of colon cancer, this should ring alarm bells and convince you to get a checkup.

The chances of you having Colon cancer can double if anyone in your family history has had Colon cancer before. Furthermore, if you’ve got insights into when a relative was diagnosed with Colon cancer, a good rule of thumb is to start having Colonoscopy procedures carried out more frequently at least 10 years before this date. So if you’re relative was diagnosed at 50, start getting regular checkups when you’re 40 or younger.

Colon cancer can be random

Even if you have no family history of Colon cancer, the sad part about this cancer is it can be very random. You may be living a healthy life and all of a sudden some troubling symptoms may pop up such as abdominal pains, odd or painful bowel movements, blackish and/or bloody stools, and sudden weight loss.

Any of these could be indicative of early-stage colon cancer and it’s important to head to a doctor.

Of course, catching this early before symptoms progress and become severe enough to warrant your attention is by scheduling Colonoscopies.

A Colonoscopy sounds scary but it’s actually simple and non-invasive

When you hear colonoscopy, you may think it’s a big, complicated, and invasive procedure but in actuality, it’s not. It only takes 20 minutes!

The only preparation needed for a colonoscopy is skipping solid food for a day and taking a bowel prep. These preparation steps are also being constantly improved to be less and less disruptive.

The procedure isn’t as intense as surgery, but it’s not as simple as a routine blood test. The number one thing to keep in mind though is it’s a small price to pay for tackling Colon cancer early and avoiding the more troublesome treatment programs that may come if you are diagnosed with Colon cancer.

Anyone that cares about their health should get a Colonoscopy and never wait for symptoms to develop. Treat it similar to going to the dentist regularly. Even if nothing is wrong, the doctors can detect early signs of a condition well before they show up as troubling symptoms for you.

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