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Preventive Steps to Reduce the Spread of Any GI Virus

The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) is reminding both patients and doctors that increasing scientific data indicates the presence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in stool (feces), with these findings, it is more important than ever for people with diarrhea – especially if accompanied by fever – to be mindful of their own health and risk.

Digestive health experts are recommending precautions and protective measures that apply to any viruses with GI symptoms, whether COVID-19 infection is present or not.

As more data continues to be procured about COVID-19’s presence and spread through stool, anyone with new symptoms of diarrhea and fever, particularly those with known or suspected contact with COVID-19, to take steps to isolate themselves and keep in contact with their doctor and local medical department.

Preventative Steps to Reduce Spreading of Any GI Virus:

  • Wipe down toilets after use
  • Assign individual rolls of toilet paper for people to use when sharing the same bathroom
  • Wipe down the toilet handle, doorknobs, and faucet handles after each use

Patients with diarrhea symptoms and fever can use these safe and effective everyday steps to limit the spread of any underlying infection that causes diarrhea, whether it is COVID or another condition.

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