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What is a Colonoscopy?

During colonoscopy, the lining of the large intestine will be examined using a small flexible tube. It seeks for abnormal growths, ulcers, and inflamed tissue. It can also be used for rectal and colon cancer screening.

Before the procedure, your colon must be completely empty and clean. This requires a high amount of special cleaning or a diet of clear liquids. Let the doctor or a staff member know about any medications you are taking. This includes aspirin, arthritis medications, blood thinners, vitamins containing iron, or diabetes medicines.


You need to arrange for someone to escort or drive you home after the procedure. Once the colonoscopy begins, you will be asked to lie on your side or back. A sedative will be provided to help you relax. A flexible tube will be inserted through the rectum and guided through the colon. This tube captures a live image of your colon and is transmitted to a TV screen for your gastroenterologist to see.

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The procedure may take 15 minutes to one hour to complete. Once it has concluded, the colonoscope is removed while the bowel is examined. You will rest at the facility until the effects of the sedative dissipates. You should expect to be fully recovered from the procedure within the next day.

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