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Symptoms of Colon Cancer


Changes in Bowel Movements, Constipation, Discomfort

It is difficult to detect symptoms of colon cancer in the early stages. This makes it essential to maintain a schedule of testing to determine whether you have it and develop treatment plans. Symptoms that indicate possible colon cancer include the following:

  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Constipation of diarrhea
  • Experiencing an urgent need to have bowel movement
  • Bleeding or cramping in the rectum
  • Discomfort or bloating affecting the belly
  • Unexpected fatigue or loss of appetite


These are just symptoms that are known to be associated with colon cancer, which means experiencing any of these does not immediately make colon cancer the cause. Scheduling an appointment with a gastroenterologist can help you diagnose the symptoms and identify whether these characteristics are colon cancer-related or point to another condition.

A rectal exam may be necessary during the diagnosis stage. You can get a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, which involve having a long, flexible tube placed through the rectum. This will help look for any growths that may indicate cancer.

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